Brouage Aunis et Saintonge en images - photographies Francois Poulet-Mathis
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Amedeo MODIGLIANI - le jeune apprenti (1918)

Modigliani's admiration for Cézanne emerges in a series of portraits in which the artist interrogates deep-lying relationships between a figure and its setting. Here, the chair and table seem to participate in the model's pose by freeing the tensions of the head and body through their role as physical supports. The facial contours are softened by sinuous lines, lightened by colors that are ...
modigliani - le jeune apprenti 1918 Paris orangerie.jpg

Auguste RENOIR - Gabrielle and Jean (detail) (1895)

Jean Renoir has recorded the following recollections: "When I was still very little, three, four or five years old, my father did not tell me how I was to pose but took advantage of some occupation that seemed to keep me quiet. The paintings of Jean playing with toy soldiers, eating his soup, moving his building blocks or looking at picture books were thus captured on canvas" (Jean Renoi ...
renoir - Gabrielle and Jean 1895 (detail) Musee de l Orangerie.jpg